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In the world of interior design, there are few artists as adept at blending heritage with innovation as Robin Gannon. Her recent presentation at the “Tradition Transformed: Exploring the Intersection of Antique Furniture and Contemporary Fine Art” event showcased her unique talent for seamlessly integrating antique furniture pieces with captivating contemporary fine art, crafting spaces that exude sophistication and style. At the event, Robin presented interior designs in collaboration with antique furniture pieces from Styylish and contemporary paintings from artists like Michael Calvert, Krisin Herber-Koch and Matthias Lupri.


Robin Gannon styles contemporary artwork with Styylish antique


Here, Robin Gannon styles these Styylish Louis XIV Armchairs and Dresser with a large Contemporary artwork at Tradition Transformed: Exploring the Intersection of Antique Furniture and Contemporary Fine Art

The Robin Gannon Design Philosophy in Action

At the heart of Robin’s design philosophy is the concept of creating timeless designs. The definition of what is timeless can be subjective. Though, Robin believes that by combining pieces from different decades and centuries, a space can feel like it will never be dated. She doesn’t dismiss trends entirely, but believes that infusing elements of current trends with pieces from other eras is the key to avoiding a dated interior design.

One of Robin’s key strategies is to always try to bring in a vintage or antique piece in every project, and even in every room. This, she believes, gives the room a different feeling, adding a sense of life and history that is often lacking in newer homes. For Robin, the stories behind antiques are what make them so special, inherently connecting us to the past in a way that transcends time. 

For example, Gannon presented this design in which she pairs these colorful artworks by Kristin Herberger-Koch with this 1820’s Austrian Biedermeier Table from Styylish. Together these pieces create a bold and timeless interior.


Robin GannonRobin Gannon
Antique Styylish Biedermeier Table with Kristin Herberger-Koch Art


Biedermeier Dining Table- StyylishBiedermeier Dining Table- Styylish
Antique Walnut Table on Styylish

Finding Her Way to Interior Design

Robin’s journey into interior design is as unique as her approach to it. Robin came from a very traditional home. She found the furniture she grew up with felt dated and all from the same era. It wasn’t until she rebuilt her own home and found joy in selecting fabrics and furniture that she realized her passion for design.

Robin showed this living room design at Tradition Transformed. Here, she expertly combines shades of green in the wallpaper, ottoman and curtains. The contemporary Michael Calvert painting in combination with the warm woods of the stunning Styylish antique chest and ottoman create a dynamic space. Together, the combined elements of old and new and result in a room with a great deal of depth and texture. Find the Biedermeier walnut dresser from 120 on Styylish today. 

How robin gannon combines antiques with contemporary artworkHow robin gannon combines antiques with contemporary artwork
Robin Gannon interior- Styylish antiques & Michael Calvert Piece


Biedermeier Walnut Dresser- StyylishBiedermeier Walnut Dresser- Styylish
Biedermeier Walnut Dresser- Styylish


A former defense attorney, Robin’s transition into interior design was driven by a desire to create meaningful spaces that tell a story. She found her love for interior design when she was redoing her own home. She found herself drawn to patterns and textures that she was told “don’t go together.” Though, she followed her gut instincts and found that unexpected combinations can make for incredibly unique and compelling designs.

How Robin Gannon Creates Timeless Interiors 

Today, Robin works with a diverse range of clients and works with a variety of design styles. Her ability to blend the old with the new is what sets her apart in the world of interior design. As she continues to push the boundaries of traditional aesthetics, Robin Gannon is truly a visionary designer, redefining what it means to create timeless spaces that inspire and delight.

Here Robin pairs an antique Loiuis XIV dresser from Styylish with a floral Matthais Lupri painting. While the dresser is antique and the artwork is contemporary, together the natural element of the warm walnut wood and floral painting create an organic feel..

Combining Antiques with contemporary artwork Combining Antiques with contemporary artwork
Gannon Styles Antique Dresser from Styylish with Matthais Lupri Piece


Find a similar, nine-drawer walnut dresser available today on Styylish here!



Louis XVI Dresser- three drawers- StyylishLouis XVI Dresser- three drawers- Styylish
A rustic Louis XVI Dresser – available now on Styylish


 Robin places great the importance upon understanding her clients’ needs and desires. Further, she notes that a client partnership also requires a degree of trust from those she works with. The directives  her clients provide allow her to create a story for them. Thus, she crafts spaces that are not only beautiful but also deeply personal. This approach reflects Robin’s commitment to creating unique narratives for each client. It is important that her collaborations yield spaces that are a true reflection of her clients’ personality and style.

From traditional to contemporary, Robin enjoys the challenge of adapting to suit her clients’ preferences and goals. Thus, it is this versatility is a testament to her skill as a designer. She is able to create cohesive and stunning spaces regardless of the design aesthetic.

Marble top antique commode styled with a geometric color-blocked piece of art. Find this similar antique French Louis XVI commode with a marble top available on Styylish today!


Combining antique pieces with contemporary artwork Combining antique pieces with contemporary artwork
Robin Gannon styles a French antique dresser from Styylish with contemporary art.


French Louis XVI Chest of Drawers- StyylishFrench Louis XVI Chest of Drawers- Styylish
Styylish French Louis XVI Chest of Drawers, circa 1790-1800

Creating Narratives Through Pieces with History

One of the most integral aspects of Robin’s approach is her belief in the power of antique pieces adding life and character to a space. She loves incorporating pieces endowed with history before they ever entered the room. Gannon believes these pieces connect the space to the past in a way that transcends time. This concept of creating rooms with a sense of history and narrative is a key element of Robin’s design philosophy. Further, this highlights her ability to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful.

Robin Gannon’s ability to blend heritage with innovation creates timeless spaces that tell a story. Further, it is that aspect that truly sets her apart in the world of interior design. Robin’s commitment to creating layered interiors, blending furniture and art across eras makes her a true visionary.


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