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Devoted users of Apple products are more than happy to pay top dollar for the latest technology. Now it appears some will pay even more for something much older. A check signed by Steve Jobs nearly 50 years ago from the Apple Computer Company, recently sold for $106,985 at RR Auction, including the buyer’s premium.

Steve Jobs signed check sold for $106,985 at May auction.

Courtesy RR Auction

The check was made out for $175 and dated July 8, 1976. Apple was founded April 1, 1976. The address listed for Apple is the company’s first official address (770 Welch Rd, Ste. 154, Palo Alto, Ca. 94304), which was really the location of the answering service and mail drop that cofounders Jobs and Steve Wozniak used.

The check was made out to Crampton, Remke & Miller, Inc., a Palo Alto consulting firm that provided services to high-tech companies. Xerox and Atari were among its other clients. Despite its age, the check is in near flawless condition.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, with the revolutionary iPhone.

Courtesy LCG Auctions

The check’s most interesting feature may be its signature: “Steven Jobs” in lowercase cursive. Jobs, now a near-mythical figure in technology and business, famously disliked giving out his signature, making examples of his autograph especially rare. Presale estimate for the check was $25,000.

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