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ancient Ring found at an Israel national park
 An ancient ring found at an Israel national park by thirteen-year-old Itamar Grossman.
Image Source: Sarit Palachi Miara via

Israel opened its Sussita (Hippos) National Park to the public in March 2023, according to The Times of Israel. This park has been the site of many archaeological excavations over the past two-plus decades. And now, thirteen-year-old park guest Itamar Grossman recently found an ancient artifact that went previously undiscovered.

Grossman visited the park and stopped to take a picture. When he did, Grossman noticed a “strange and ancient-looking ring” lying on the ground, he told Ynetnews.

Initially, Grossman shared his discovery with his brothers and cousins, who told him they believed the ring was nothing out of the ordinary. Grossman disagreed and “insisted” that the ring was important, he said. This prompted Grossman to share his discovery with his parents.

Grossman’s parents noted that the ring was engraved and looked old, but they were unsure about its origin. At this point, Grossman and his parents brought the ring to Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority.

The ring was “something significant,” Nature and Parks Authority spokesperson Sarit Palachi Miara stated. Miara told Grossman that the ring could date back to the Roman period, but further evaluation would be needed to verify its age and history.

An archaeological examination revealed that the ring could be around 1,700 years old, Ynetnews reported. The ring is made from bronze and has an ornament on it that was made at the time of casting. It also matches the design of rings from the Roman period between the first and fourth centuries.

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