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About two years ago I visited Yearly Co on my birthday to see these gorgeous golden bangles in person after obsessing over them on Instagram. Prior to that, bangles and bracelets didn’t interest me at all – I was more of a ring and necklace person, hardly ever wearing a bracelet. It was through these Jewelry Road Trip visits while creating content – stacking bracelets for a photo finally influenced me in real life to explore this jewelry category. I would say my first monumental bracelet purchase – a David Webb panther bracelet to commemorate my first son being born – was all it took for me to become bracelet obsessed.

Discovering Yearly Co took my love for bracelets and melded it with my sentimental side, which is a big part of deciding what jewelry I buy since having kids. I like my jewels to mean something to me – to represent a moment, a milestone, a part of life. I really connected with the foundation of Yearly Co, which began when founder Ann Williams’ grandfather started the tradition of gifting his wife a bangle bracelet every wedding anniversary. This tradition has grown in Ann’s family and is now the whole premise of her jewelry business. Others have made this tradition theirs as well, and the bangle stacks continue to grow near and far.

I was excited to visit Yearly Co, especially since it is not far from me – in Nashville, TN. Most of my Jewelry Road Trip series has had me jet setting to different states across America, as far North as Maine, as far west as Washington state and as south as Florida…but this was nice to visit in my own car not too far! And I love it too because I can visit anytime to try their latest launches and new bangle designs to see what my next bangle will be, adding to my bangle stack.

Like I said, it has been two years since my first bangle (I started with a Heavy Twist) and since then I have added quite a lot! I am doing the anniversary tradition, so one bangle every wedding anniversary – but I decided to go further back and start my stack from the beginning of my relationship with my husband. So I wear 12 bangles (we started dating in 2011), plus one bangle for each child we have = 14 bangles! I’ve added a mix of vintage and Yearly for this stack, which has been fun to create.

Yearly Co continues to launch new bangle designs quite often and you really can’t go wrong with creating a stack from their large array of choices. I suggest taking a screenshot whenever they repost photos of their customers’ stacks that catch your eye – there are lots of collectors with gorgeous stacks. I also recommend visiting their store in Nashville so you’re able to try-on any and every style. Their sizing kits help with getting that “perfect fit” which is dependent on how often you want to wear them, but snug is key. You really want to have to work to get it over your hand/knuckles so it doesn’t fling off.

The bangles that I have in my stack are:
Heavy Twist
Thin Twist
The Original
Thin Etoile
Custom Birthstone
Grand Legacy with Hand-engraving
Braided Judy
Delicate Diamond

I love answering any bangle questions, so let me know if you have any! Hope you start your stack.

Be sure to use code GEMGOSSIP for $50 off your bangle purchase!

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