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Hillary Eisman shows off a signed bag.

It’s always a pleasure to bump into Hilary Eisman, a.k.a. The Purse Lady! When we first met her back in April at the Marburger Farm Antique Show, she introduced us to a type of purse that we don’t see very often: lucite! Sure enough, when our paths crossed again at the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta, Hilary had yet another uncommon purse material to show off: acacia wood!

I’d never seen purses shaped like zebras and cats before, much less those also made from wood. Then again, as Hilary explained, this particular purse maker is known for her unconventional designs. Out of all of her sculptural designs, Timmy Woods is perhaps best known for the iconic Eiffel Tower handbag that she created for Sex and the City protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw. What’s more, Hilary had another Timmy Woods creation signed by the designer herself!

Purse lady rad booth 1
Purse Lady’s fabulous booth.

Curious? You should be! Head on over to WorthPoint’s YouTube channel and check out Hilary’s amazing inventory for yourself. You can also keep up with her unique style favorites by following her on Instagram and signing up for her newsletter.

In addition to her role as HIP’s curator of photography, Allison Radomski is a writer and filmmaker. She spends her days hunting for analog cameras, scoring her own movies in her laundry closet, and building her collections of Polaroids and handkerchiefs. She has degrees in cinema & media studies and religious studies from the University of Chicago. 

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