The Wonder of Wooden Jewelry

The Wonder of Wooden Jewelry

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Back in the early 2000s, I had the pleasure of serving as the ringleader for a fun-loving group of jewelry collectors in Central Texas known as the Austin Vintage Jewelry Club. Among our members was author Mary Jo Izard who we knew as “Jo.”

As a regular attendee of our group meetings, she often wore quirky wooden jewelry items or brought them with her for show and tell. Wooden jewelry was completely off my radar until then other than a few 1980s pieces I’d purchased at retail back when they were fashionable.

Chanel earrings with dark wood and gold-plated metal, 1993. Value: $300-$400.

Since then, I’ve come to greatly appreciate adornment crafted using wooden components. The flexible nature of wood allows it to be carved, dyed, painted, layered, and laminated together with other materials to create amazing designs. From ancient beads made in China to Victorian jewelry made with bog oak and modern fine jewelry, wood has been used in myriad ways for jewelry production throughout history. Today collectors seek wooden adornment in all its wonderful forms.

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