Pinback Buttons – Flip It or Skip It – WorthPoint

Pinback Buttons – Flip It or Skip It – WorthPoint

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Episode Summary:

Welcome to Flip It or Skip It Episode 75 with our hosts, Danna Crawford and Wayne Jordan. In today’s episode, the duo discusses pinback buttons, the extremely varied collectible that is always in demand.

What Will Be Learned:

  • Why have pinback buttons been so popular for so long?
  • What kind of pins are in demand, and how can they be identified?
  • How critical is an item’s condition when it’s evaluated?
  • How can a pin be effectively bought and sold?
  • What common ways are pinback buttons damaged, and how much damage is too much?

Episode Review:

  • 00:27 – Introducing today’s topic: pinback buttons
  • 00:37 – The long story of collecting and flipping these statement-making pieces
  • 03:21 – Collectible Canadian politics pinbacks
  • 06:19 – Wayne discovers antique Marvel buttons selling for $1,000+
  • 07:19 – Hardrock Café: The most collectible restaurant in the world
  • 10:18 – Message from our sponsor
  • 11:04 – Danna finds Rick Springfield at Brimfield
  • 13:12 – Box Lot Buttons: Getting the most money for your least valuable buttons
  • 15:26 – Girl Scout Buttons and anti-Vietnam war Buttons
  • 16:47 – Danna sells pinback buttons on
  • 18:01 – A back-and-forth on the various conditions of pins
  • 20:16 – Danna’s observations about pinback buttons when treasure hunting
  • 21:43 – Bottom line when encountering pinback buttons at sales


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Key Takeaways:

  • To start things off, Wayne and Danna each offer their impressions and experiences buying, flipping, and collecting pinback buttons.
  • Danna gives some examples of political pinbacks, one of the more commonly encountered buttons.
  • Wayne then discusses his findings on eBay. He lays out several variables that significantly affect the value of pinback buttons.
  • After a word from our sponsor, Danna goes over box lots and the best way to use this method for selling unwanted pinbacks. She then discusses marks that can help authenticate pins of exceptional value.
  • The duo then discusses how critical the condition of a button is when considering a final selling price. While some forms of wear and tear are acceptable, Danna and Wayne each go over some commonly encountered forms of damage for pinback buttons.



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