Anne Taintor: Serving Snark With a Smile – WorthPoint

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If you ever find yourself in need of irreverent humor, then you need Anne Taintor. Since 1985, the Maine collage artist has combined 1950s and 60s magazine advertising models with wickedly sarcastic quotes on everything from calendars to magnets, key chains, flasks, cards, and coffee mugs.

Using the brand tagline “Making smart people smile since 1985,” Taintor creates collage art by first printing…

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Collecting Vintage Cufflinks – WorthPoint

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When my father retired after a 30-year career, he was relieved to exchange his cufflinks and ties for t-shirts and jumpers. My older brothers got the first choice of accessories, but I ended up with a small handful of vintage cufflinks. I had no men’s shirts and no reason to wear them. And yet, I felt that keeping them was important. Not only would they remind me of my father’s hard work, but…

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WorthPoint®’s Will Seippel Talks about Favorite Finds and Reseller Tips – WorthPoint

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WorthPoint CEO Will Seippel will be sitting down with Victoria Egan and Katy Zilverberg on their YouTube show.

Anyone who collects vintage items or antiques knows that the reseller industry is the connective tissue that holds the marketplace together. Unlike manufactured goods, a vintage item isn’t coming from a factory floor—it’s coming…

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