The History of Lockets, Queen Elizabeth I Locket Ring And Queen Victoria’s Lockets

This post answers these questions:

1. What is the history of the locket?

2. Why lockets are named lockets?

3. What do the symbols on a locket mean?

4. What is the difference between a locket and a pendant?

5. How can you tell if a locket is antique?

6. What is the Chequers Ring?

From ancient times royalty, nobility, merchants, tradespeople and almost everyone desired to own a talisman. These good luck charms were believed to prevent the…

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At a Glance: Impressionism

Perhaps the most famous fine art movement, Impressionism is everywhere. Impressionist paintings are found on coffee mugs, umbrellas, scarves, and skate decks – my mother even has a Monet sunglasses case. With all of Impressionism’s fame and ubiquity, it is often forgotten just how controversial the movement was at its origin.

A Brief History

Let us go back to the 1860s when Paris was a decade into the Second Empire, and Paris was considered by some as the center of…

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Flip It or Skip It – Vintage Photographs

489x325 flip it

Welcome to the Flip It or Skip It podcast, sponsored by WorthPoint and hosted by Danna Crawford and Wayne Jordan! 

Episode #4

In this episode, Danna and Wayne focus on flipping vintage photographs. For most pickers and sellers, vintage photographs are off the radar. However, Danna and Wayne want listeners to know that resale profits can be remarkably high with so many photos available at reasonable prices!  

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The Secretary Desk- Interesting Facts about its History – styylish

The ‘secretary desk’ has a long and interesting history. The desk has derived its name from the French term ‘secretaire’ which literally translates to a rectangular desk (the height is greater than the width).

Jean-Francois Oeben Louis XV’s royal cabinetmaker – is believed to be the creator of the original secretaire desk. Renowned for his ability to create mechanical and marquetry desks, Oeben is also credited with the construction of the ‘

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Rinker on Collectibles Q/A: Bookends, Aluminum Foil Paintings, a Postcard, and a Set of Dinnerware

1741 02
A pair of Jennings Brothers Discus Thrower bookends.

QUESTION: I own a pair of Jennings Brothers Discus Thrower bookends. The base is impressed “JB 1924.” The pair weighs five pounds, 10 ounces. I thought they were made from bronze, but the color looks more like brass. The bases are oxidized a bit as if they were made of copper. What is their composition? Do you have any idea…

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