A Prairie School Companion

An educator who grew up in old houses, Matthew Domas is partial to stained glass. When he encountered the front door of this house in Memphis, Tennessee, he was smitten. Having married in 2003, he and Elizabeth were looking for a home where they could raise children.

Elizabeth, a co-owner of a nursing business, grew up near New Orleans. Although its simplicity reminded her of her…

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Marilyn Monroe’s Beauty Secrets

She may have been one of the most beautiful women and famous sex symbols in the world, but Marilyn Monroe had a common complaint so many of us can relate to: dry skin.

Thanks to the Makeup Museum in New York, which shared Monroe’s routine, we now know the morning and night skincare regimens she followed to help combat her dry skin.

One of…

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LiveAuctionTalk.com | Margaret Bourke-White Photography as Art

As a student at Cornell in 1925 she aimed for a soft focus with her camera by stretching a silk stocking over the lens or manipulating the film in the darkroom using sheets of celluloid to create a dreamy effect. 

She knew she was good and getting better.

“I know that I am destined for the kind of greatness that famous photographers like Alfred Stieglitz have achieved and very few women…

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Flip it or Skip it – Comic Books

489x325 flip it

Episode #5

In this episode of Flip it or Skip it, Hosts Danna Crawford and Wayne Jordan discuss flipping comic books. A common perception is that all vintage comic books are valuable, but that’s not the case.

Comic books

Values rise and fall with condition, edition, supply, and demand. Danna and Wayne examine how to evaluate a comic’s condition, research prices,…

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LiveAuctionTalk.com | Buffalo Soldiers Black Heroes Taming the West

The Buffalo soldiers spent most of their military service on a lawless Western frontier trying to make it better. Like it or not, black enlisted men and their white officers were partnered and created elite regiments where the best and worst aspects of human nature played out.

Until 1864 the Union Army paid each black soldier ten dollars per month. Their white counterparts received $13 monthly. From the end of the…

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J Gloster Silversmith History Heritage And Patents

The silversmiths J. Gloster Ltd were highly regarded for both their sterling silver & silver plated items from the Victorian era until the 1960s. The company was founded in 1880. Their premises was situated at Lion Silver Works, Hockley Hill in Birmingham, England.  They were a British Industries Fair Listed Exhibitor in 1929.

The catalogue lists the firm as:

Manufacturers of Silver E.P.N.S., “Aloid” and “Neusil” Cigarette Cases, lined “Shelley”, “Nameloid”, or…

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