European Furniture- Origins and Development – Styylish

From Baroque dressers to Biedermeier sectaires, here’s the rundown on European furniture.

There’s a lot to unpack in the world of European furniture. The process of buying antique European style furniture is far more than simply buying furniture, buying art, or investing, it’s all three. Antique furniture is both decorative from an artistic standpoint and practical from a utilitarian standpoint. A three-hundred-year-old armoire isn’t just an exquisitely beautiful gem from a bygone era, it’s also…

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Stratton & Wedgwood – A Short History

The collaboration of Laughton & Sons Ltd. (the owners of Stratton compacts & accessories) & Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd. was one that worked so well. The owners of the Stratton brand would commission Wedgwood to make commemorative plaques to adorn their vanities. Royal occasions were often marked by the crafting of limited edition Wedgwood Stratton powder compacts. For example, the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and the…

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Historical Information About The Pygmalion Brand

Research carried out by powder compact specialist Juliette Edwards reveals that the Pygmalion name was owned by British company S. D. Rand Ltd., which was based in London. The name was registered ‘for cosmetic boxes’ by Salo David Rand in 1942. S. D. Rand Ltd was incorporated in 1949. 



Advertisements featuring Pygmalion products appear to cease in the mid 1950s, making it…

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Kigu Compacts & Heritage

The name of Kigu originates from the first two letters of the surname and forename of its founder Gustav Kiashek. Gustav was of Hungarian origin and was the son of the master goldsmith Josef Kiashek. He produced compacts from his workshop in Budapest. Gustav raised three sons, Charles, Paul and George. Charles was a New York based goldsmith. George moved to London in 1939 where he founded Kigu of…

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Vanipact De Fleury Compact Mirrors And W B Cartwright Chemists

We are so pleased to find images of the directors, representatives, work force and premises. At the bottom of this post we have included the product listings from the 1932 The Chemist And Druggist detailing De Fleury cosmetics for sale, as well as De Fleury advertisements.

The image above shows the rare and elusive Parfumerie de Fleury powder compact after the sculpture by the Italian artist Antonia Canova. The lid decoration shows in low relief…

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