Great Discoveries: Antique Whiskey Bottles Found in New York Home

You never know what treasures are hidden in a home — consider the story of a New York couple that recently discovered antique whiskey bottles in their house’s mudroom.

The couple, Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker, found the bottles while renovating the mudroom of their 1914 New York home, according to WTHR. During the renovation, Drummond and Bakker unearthed a package hidden in a pile of straw and hay….

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Vintage Video Games: The Next Big Thing is Here

On November 20, 2020, a sealed, in-box, Wata-graded 9.2 A+ copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 sold at Heritage Auctions in Dallas for a mind-boggling $156,000, becoming the highest price ever realized at auction for a video game.

Likely the preceding sentence raised a couple of questions:

Someone paid what?

Highest price for a video game?


I had no idea this was even a thing. When did this happen?

Here’s the kicker: The $156,000 price realized…

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Flip It Or Skip It – Framed Decorative Artwork

Flipitskipit 5

Episode #3

Welcome to the Flip It or Skip It podcast, sponsored by WorthPoint, the world’s largest antiques and collectibles pricing and research database. In this episode, hosts Danna Crawford and Wayne Jordan discuss flipping framed artwork, focusing most of their attention on popular decorative and collectible works.

Danna and Wayne explore the framed artwork market’s ins-and-outs and how to make a profit buying and reselling the right pieces from cruise ship…

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A few results from Jaremos’ Winter Art Glass Sale, February 10, 2021

I will do my best to publish every Monday.

Jaremos Art Glass Specialists, Flower Mound, TX, held a Winter Art Glass Sale on February 10, 2021. Following are a few of the more interesting results.

Daum Nancy Rain lamp, Jaremos lot #245

Daum Rain scenes are highly sought after, especially lamps. So I thought the realized price was reasonable for such a quality lamp. Selling as lot #245, it…

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What is Etruscan Revival Jewellery? Who Were the Etruscans?



© Met. Museum

This post will answer these questions:

1. Who were the Etruscans?

2. Where and when did the Etruscans live?

3. How did the Etruscans live? 

4. Which came first the Etruscan or Roman civilisations?

5. What is Etruscan Revival jewellery? 

6. Why were the Victorians so fascinated by the Etruscans?



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New Packaging Thanks to Dana LaRose – Gem Gossip – Jewelry Blog


One important thing I learned since becoming self-employed in 2015 is how vital it is to reinvest into your business. Whether that’s continuing education in your field, buying more inventory, hiring an employee, or making improvements to your daily tasks, you can’t go wrong with…

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