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It looks like a normal chair.

If you’re a rare bookseller like Sonny Ideker, decorating your shop with a handsome leather armchair is a smart move. An antique furniture item like this is great for setting the right mood in your establishment and inviting customers to settle in and inspect your most incredible finds in comfort and style.

This, however, is not just any armchair. At first glance, it seems right at home in a cozy study or library; however, this chair is very much outside its element. Though tempting to curl up in its embrace, this chair is actually meant to do a reconfiguration of its own. A hint, you ask? This chair was designed for multiple uses.

antique furniture leather chair
Watch it unfold.

Are you finished guessing which surprises this chair might contain? Ready to see this piece of antique furniture transform? Join the conversation with Sonny and Eric to see just how many purposes one chair can contain! And if you want to see Sonny’s amazing chair in person or experience his truly incredible inventory of rare books, you can find him at City Antiques & Interior Arts in Roswell, Georgia.

In addition to her role as HIP’s curator of photography, Allison Radomski is a writer and filmmaker. She spends her days hunting for analog cameras, scoring her own movies in her laundry closet, and building her collections of Polaroids and handkerchiefs. She has degrees in cinema & media studies and religious studies from the University of Chicago. 

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