Miriam Haskell: Costume Jewelry of the Stars

Miriam Haskell: Costume Jewelry of the Stars

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Miriam Haskell is a perennial favorite among collectors of vintage costume jewelry. Even a single strand of faux baroque pearls is noteworthy with a Haskell mark, and the more elaborate styles made by this company can indeed bring top dollar. 

So, who was Miriam Haskell? Many people refer to her as if a single woman crafted every piece of jewelry with her name on it. No one really knows how many pieces she actually produced with her own hands, but the consensus among jewelry historians is not much.

Prior interviews with former employees and old-timers in the industry point to Haskell being a businesswoman based in the bustling city of New York first and foremost. And, she did have the good sense to hire a terrific designer to help her grow her company during its early years. 

Model Mary McLaughlin with faux moonstone necklace, and earrings by Miriam Haskell, in a 1957 cover photo shoot for Vogue.

Haskell History through the 1960s

Haskell hired Frank Hess as a jewelry designer shortly after opening her first shop in the McAlpin Hotel in in the late 1920s. Hess, who had been working for Macy’s as a window dresser, learned the ropes and quickly became the heart of creativity for the firm.

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