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Do you know when Marlboro cigarettes were first sold?

Marlboro began in 1924 as a luxury cigarette. Initially positioned to appeal to the upper class of America, the cigarette has experienced multiple positioning shifts over the last century.

Marlboro was later marketed towards women as being “Mild as May” and “Red to match your lips.” At this time, Marlboro began including filters in their cigarettes. In the 1940s, the rise of smoking-related cancers made many men want to switch to filtered cigarettes. However, filtered cigarettes were considered feminine.

In 1954, Marlboro adopted their mascot, the Marlboro Man, to give their brand a more rugged and masculine public image. For the next thirty years, Marlboro dominated the domestic American cigarette market.

However, the 1980s and 1990s were a time of strenuous and multitudinous lawsuits. While this heavily affected Marlboro’s market share and growth, Marlboro remains as one of the most recognizable and purchased tobacco products in the world.

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A vintage lighter featuring a depiction of the Marlboro Man.

Memorabilia and collectibles from Marlboro are varied and plentiful. Common collector’s items include vintage advertisements, tobacco tins, and paraphernalia. Marlboro’s longtime partnership with NASCAR has also produced its own genre of memorabilia.

The most valuable collector’s items and memorabilia from Marlboro are either exceptionally old or rare. Some items, like this merchant rack, are unique and challenging to find, making them valuable. Other items, like this 1994 Zippo, were produced in small quantities.

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