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Ok, this mark is a giveaway! Everyone knows this one, right?

Fantastic battlegrounds, cozy homes, looping racetracks, and fuzzy teddy bears. Any of these ring a bell? Well, if you had any of these as a child, then you should certainly know this logo.

Mattel, a toy powerhouse that puts Santa’s workshop to shame, was the leading supplier of my childhood fix for everything He-Man and Hot Wheels. It’s safe to say that none of our childhoods would have been complete without a Mattel product.

So if everyone knows Mattel, then why write about it? Wouldn’t that be like writing about how the sky is blue?

The sky doesn’t appreciate in value the same way an American Girl doll does. In addition to bringing joy, laughter, and hours of play to your childhood, did you ever consider that Mattel could also pad your bank account?

Unopened and mint-condition products from Mattel are veritable gold mines. Rare American Girl dolls especially can fetch massive sums on the open market. Were you more into Hot Wheels as a kid? Good news, Hot Wheels can go for just as much money if they’re still in the box.

Whether it’s dollies or action figures, Mattel toys are sought after like water in a desert. The older and more pristine an item, the more it will fetch. Collectors ravenously comb the internet looking for a trace of a rare item. With all of us staying inside more often, it might be time to dig out your old toys and put them to work.

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Jack Rose is a 2019 graduate of Auburn University, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. His abundant curiosity and excellent research and communication skills enable him to write on a variety of subjects.

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