Great Discoveries: Rare Islay Whiskey Bottle Found, Sold for Over $100K – WorthPoint

Great Discoveries: Rare Islay Whiskey Bottle Found, Sold for Over $100K – WorthPoint

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A rare bottle of Islay malt whiskey, produced by Port Ellen in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the isle in 1980.
Photo credit: Whisky Auctioneer

The year 2022 marks the Platinum Jubilee for the British royal family. Queen Elizabeth II has become the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee following seventy years of service. Those wanting to commemorate the Jubilee also had the opportunity to buy a rare bottle of whiskey created for Queen Elizabeth.

According to the Daily Record, a bottle of Islay whiskey was recently discovered beneath the stairs of a household in Edinburgh, Scotland. Port Ellen distillery produced the whiskey forty-two years ago to honor Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Islay.

The bottle’s owner, George McIntosh, said his father originally acquired the “Queen’s Visit” whiskey. McIntosh noted his father may have purchased the whiskey or received it as a retirement present in the 1980s.

McIntosh stated he believed the bottle “never really stood out as something special.” However, a friend who runs a whiskey tasting tour mentioned that the Port Ellen bottle was “generally in high demand.” McIntosh had the bottle evaluated and learned it was rare and valuable.

The “Queen’s Visit” bottle was put up for auction by Whisky Auctioneer. It received a bid of £100,000 (approximately $107,075), which was the winning amount when the auction closed on June 6, 2022.

At this point, the number of Queen’s Visit bottles produced is unknown. Some experts indicate there may be only about forty such bottles in existence.

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