Great Discoveries: Bronze Age Artifacts Found in Hungary – WorthPoint

Great Discoveries: Bronze Age Artifacts Found in Hungary – WorthPoint

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A Bronze Age artifact found during an excavation in Hungary.
Photo: Szent István Király Museum via

Archaeologists recently discovered rings, armlets, ceramic pots, and other items that may date back to the Bronze Age in Hungary, according to HeritageDaily. These objects were discovered in a grave that was unearthed during an excavation.

The Hungary excavation was performed as part of construction for a new highway. Excavations are commonly completed before major investments, said Krisztián Pokrovenszki, director of the Szent István Király Museum in Hungary. Furthermore, Pokrovenszki stated that these excavations sometimes result in discoveries that otherwise would “never come to light.”

Once the Hungary excavation got underway, archaeologists found eight graves. One of the graves contained the remains of a woman who was no older than 20 years old, HeritageDaily reported. The woman was buried with 38 ornate gold and bronze decorative objects. She also had rings on each of her fingers, a sign that she may have been a wealthy individual with a high social status in her community.

Ultimately, the discovery provides insights into clothing and accessories that wealthy individuals wore during the Bronze Age items. The archaeologists who discovered the objects noted that they highlight the metalworking that took place during the period.

Other gold and bronze decorative objects from the Bronze Age may be located near the grave, Pokrovenszk said. However, at this time, no additional excavations are scheduled near the grave.

The Bronze Age took place between 3300 and 1200 BC. It was characterized by the use of bronze, which was harder and more versatile than iron and other metals available at the time.

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