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Welcome to the first episode of the Flip It or Skip It podcast!  This podcast is sponsored by WorthPoint, the world’s largest antiques and collectibles pricing and research database. It is hosted by Danna Crawford and Wayne Jordan.

In this episode, Danna and Wayne kick off the show by discussing concert apparel, exploring the sort of questions that challenge antique dealers every day — is this item authentic or fake?  How much should I pay for it?  Where and for how much should I sell it?

David bowie rolling stones

Danna knows this area of focus very well. She has attended (and purchased apparel at) over thirty concerts. Her broad experience in concert apparel includes selling a jacket signed by David Bowie, a Rolling Stones jacket, and countless t-shirts. She knows how to identify quality merchandise and assign muscle tees and crop-tops to their proper decades.

The episode uses Danna’s experience as an eBay consignment seller to frame the discussion. In her business, The Powerselling Mom, Danna’s client Frank worked backstage at a concert venue years ago. He acquired a lot of apparel from various concerts: t-shirts, jackets, and so on. He consigned the merchandise to Danna for resale.

Danna talks through her research process, outlining her approach to pricing and listing any item — from a Dick Velveeta and the Velvetones t-shirt to a Deep Purple sweatshirt.

Dick velveeta and deep purple

She uses WorthPoint to uncover the highest prices and recent sales relevant to her items, checks sold and current listings on eBay, and then spends time fine-tuning her findings. When she finds an item worth reselling, she creates a draft listing on eBay to come back to later. Doing so saves her time and energy and allows her to be sure about her price before posting.

Getting further into the weeds, Danna and Wayne discuss the importance of: 

  • Marking an eBay listing with NOS (New Old Stock) when appropriate
  • When to list an item as an auction vs. Buy it Now  
  • How to distinguish authentic concert apparel from knockoffs 
  • How to quickly zero-in on the best thrift store concert apparel items to flip and which items you should skip 
  • Finding quality concert apparel: how to analyze labels, fabric, and stitching quality
  • Matching vintage styles with their corresponding decades.

When it comes to buying concert apparel to flip, Danna has refined her process to quickly find, price, and list items on-the-go. She asks for consignment lists from her consignment clients in advance. She thinks carefully about how much return on investment she requires. 

Danna offers listeners a wealth of insight on working with old concert apparel. She is also an example of success resulting from personal passion, thorough research, and the right resources!

Episode #1


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