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#Discovering #Joy #Magical #Memories #Antique #Shops

I suppose it all started while searching for deep blue glassware. Tall and short vases, bowls and goblets, enough to decorate and draw all eyes to the center of crisp white tablecloths for my niece’s wedding reception. What an elegant idea!

So, we were on a quest. We had seen a thousand different glasses and teacups over the last four antique stores, as well as patterned plates, old tools, worn cookbooks and Bibles, and to my inner teenage girlie delight, Barbie Christmas ornaments and scads of Nancy Drew mysteries.

My sister-in-law was simply on the lookout for her beautiful blue glassware, but unbeknownst to her, I was being introduced to a new side of myself. A new world of possibilities was entering my heart and opening up my mind to the past. I hadn’t encountered these feelings for a while, and I was intrigued. I felt a rare glimpse into old memories that had the potential to stop me in my tracks, make me close my eyes, and simply remember.

A vintage Fisher-Price Family Farm set harvests childhood memories when you open the door. Who knew a “moo” was so powerful?

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