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Your Guide to Shabby Chic Decor

Eric tells us what purpose doilies originally served.

For collectors like me, the answer to this article’s titular question is easy to answer. I happen to have a real weakness for collectibles that embody a grandmotherly flair. If you’re a collector who can’t stop purchasing embroidered handkerchiefs, over-the-top lace curtains, and other cottagecore delights, there’s a good chance that doilies have never been out of style for you.

However, I reluctantly accept that not everyone wants to collect items that were once used to soak up greasy hair oil. That said, WorthPoint®’s recent shopping trip to City Antiques and Interior Arts was incredibly affirming for wannabe grandmas like me, for it was there that WorthPoint’s own Eric Bradley let me in on a little secret: Doilies are back in style, baby! Don’t believe me? Listen to the expert for yourself!

Doily comeback
They really are beautiful pieces of handmade art.

While any collector will tell you not to make big purchases based on fickle trends, doilies are a great opportunity to dabble in a new side of your style. Doilies are small and easy to store, and their financial investment is far less than, say, the cost of shabby chic furniture pieces. Go ahead: Pick up a doily that you find on your next shopping trip and drape it over the arm of your favorite reading chair. Let its distinctive charm heal your soul like a warm cup of tea on a dreary afternoon.

But, if doilies are too far beyond your style aesthetic, there’s still good news: Now you can sell your heirloom doilies for a decent price, provided you’re willing to do a little research on WorthPoint. Whether you embrace cottagecore culture or look upon it with disdain, the doily’s glorious return is good news for us all.

Brenda Kelley Kim lives in the Boston area. She is the author of Sink or Swim: Tales From the Deep End of Everywhere and writes a weekly syndicated column for Gannett News/Wicked Local. When not writing or walking her snorty pug Penny, she enjoys yard sales, flea markets, and badminton.

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